Tori Spelling Reportedly Leaves Dean McDermott And Kids To Retreat To Mother’s House Amid Relationship Drama

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s relationship has been filled with drama for years. The couple, who share five children together, have recently endured some major relationship issues, and now Tori has reportedly had enough.

According to a May 16 report by Radar Online, Tori Spelling has packed her bags and headed to mother Candy Spelling’s house, leaving Dean McDermott at home with their children. The latest drama comes just two months after police were called on Tori for an alleged mental breakdown.

In addition to all of Tori and Dean’s reported marital problems, the couple have been dealing with financial strain for years. The outlet claims that the pair “continue to spend recklessly,” although they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Spelling and McDermott have been forced to move several times in recent years, and are now reportedly stuck with a $10,000 a month rent bill.

However, Tori Spelling’s mom, Candy, has come to the aid of the family. Sources tell the site that Candy has been paying the couple’s monthly rent, buying them groceries, and even footing the bill for their children’s private schooling. However, Tori’s mom is reportedly refusing to pay the couple’s huge $700,000 IRS bill, as well as the “six figures’ worth of credit card debt” they’ve acquired.

As many Tori Spelling fans may know, her relationship with her mother has been very strained over the years. The mother and daughter’s relationship went from bad to worse after the death of Tori’s father, TV icon Aaron Spelling, in 2006. Aaron died leaving his $600 million estate to his wife, and only giving his children, Tori and Randy, $800,000. However, sources claim that Tori has no where else to turn during her most recent crisis with Dean, and has retreated to her mother’s house.

The insider claims that perhaps Dean McDermott will “realize how dire” the situation has become and “find a way to keep the family intact.” In addition, he’s been on full time daddy duty since Tori Spelling split. He’s reportedly changing diapers, cooking the family meals, and hauling the kids to and from school.

Tori Spelling is said to be spending about two nights a week at her mother’s house amid the drama, and insiders allege that Candy Spelling is hoping her daughter will wise up and leave Dean McDermott for good.