Dean Lowe Given Life In Prison For Slaying Girlfriend, Dismembering Body, And Wearing Her Teeth As A Necklace


Dean Lowe will spend the rest of his life in prison after he was found guilty of slaying his girlfriend, then dismembering the woman’s body and wearing her teeth as a necklace.

The 33-year-old British man was handed the sentence on Tuesday after a crime that shocked local residents. As the New York Post reported, Lowe beat 32-year-old Kirby Noden to death with a rock and a pole in January 2017 and then lived with remnants of the murder in his home for months. When friends and family inquired about what happened to Noden, Lowe reportedly told them that she had left him for another man.

But Dean Lowe later appeared to confess to the crime, leaving a cryptic social media post that referenced a body on his floor that he had cut up and put into bins.

After being arrested, Lowe tried to say that he blacked out during the incident and awoke to find a body on his floor, so he cut up the body and put it in a neighbor’s garbage can, Sky News reported. Police eventually searched the man’s home and found blood and the murder weapon.

Police said the string of lies from Dean Lowe proved that he showed no remorse, and was a factor in his being given life in prison. Because he refused to cooperate with police, they were never able to find the final resting place of Kirby Noden’s body, which prompted a long and complicated investigation, police said in a statement released this week.

“Miss Noden’s family have been put through a living hell with Lowe not disclosing where he disposed of Kirby’s body and denying all knowledge in court,” police said. “Lowe added to their upset by insisting that Kirby was still alive.”

The victim’s family also released a statement thanking investigators for their hard work and noting how heartbroken they were at losing Noden.


Because Dean Lowe refused to cooperate, police were never able to ascertain a motive for the killing or learn other details about Kirby Noden’s death, including exactly when it took place or the exact manner in which she was killed. Lowe continued to maintain his innocence throughout the trial.

Dean Lowe must spend a minimum of 28 years behind bars before he could be eligible for a release.