Stephen King Gets Put In His Place For Melania Trump Surgery Comment

Many people are lashing out at Stephen King for using Melania Trump’s most recent health ailment as the butt of a joke.

As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Melania underwent a successful kidney surgery at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for an embolization procedure. White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham told press that the FLOTUS was “doing well” and is expected to make a full recovery from the operation. The 48-year-old is expected to remain hospitalized for a week.

And as many fans took to social media to wish the first lady well in her recovery, Stephen King took to his Twitter account to make a joke out of Trump’s hospitalization.

“Not to be snarky, but Melania can probably use a week’s rest from Blabbermouth Don. Sounds heavenly to me,” he tweeted.

The tweet, which was posted yesterday, has already received over 2,000 comments, 27,000 likes, and 2,700 retweets. While some Twitter users shared in King’s sentiments, the overwhelming majority lashed out at him for making a joke at someone else’s expense — especially when they’re recovering from a medical procedure.

“You know, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was in high school and read Christine for the first time. Now, I just feel sorry for you; so full of hate and for what?”

“Stay classy Stephen, your audience is listening,” another user chimed in.

It appears as though King has yet to comment on any of the responses to his critical tweet, but he has posted other tweets after, including one of a cartoon Lucy from Charlie Brown, saying an expletive.

This is not the first time that the outspoken author has revealed his feelings toward President Trump and his family on his social media accounts. In fact, Mashable published a whole article dedicated to 38 times that King has slammed Trump on Twitter. The tweets date back as far as 2015 when Trump first announced that he would be running for President.

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Some of the tweets from King included calling Trump a “crazy, ranting uncle,” a “rabid coyote,” and a “crook” to name a few. Trump, who is also very outspoken on his own Twitter account, has yet to say anything about King’s latest tweet, but many people can’t help but wonder if he will once he catches wind of it.

For now, we’ll just have to sit back and watch.

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