UFC On FX Brazil Weekend Results

UFC on FX had a spectacular weekend in Brazil, with many highlights and memorable moments that captivated audience and viewers. The drama and the fights never stopped, and UFC of FX provided many memorable moments and many opportunities for the audience to boo.

The first came before any match even started, and it was during a pre-fight press conference when Belfort “chinned” Bisping, which almost triggered a match of its own. When it came down to the actual fight, Belfort managed to take out Bisping using a high kick in Round 2, ruining his chance at the title for the third time in his UFC career.

The next highlight came when Pedro Nobre was booed by the audience for claiming that he was bunched in the illegal spot “back-of-the-head” and referee Dan Miragliotta declared the fight a no-contest.

UFC on FX was also the right stage for Edson Barboza to make a comeback, though he had to put up with the referee being in his way as he took aim for a first-round finish.

In addition, Nik Lentz dominated over Diego Nunes, with Pepey Castro winning through a split decision over Milon Vieira.

The most dominating display came from Khabib Nurmagomedov throwing elbow after elbow on Thiago Tavares, leaving him in a dismantled state. Not to be outdone, Gabriel Gonzaga decided to dominate his opponent via a guillotine Choke.

A hard fought match and yet another stage for audience to boo at was the hard fought fight between Dollaway and Sarafian, where Dollaway snatched the win away from Sarafian.

All in all, it was an exciting weekend for UNF on FX and a weekend to be remembered by all the displeasure that came from the audience through booing.