Meghan McCain Shuts Down Kumail Nanjiani After He Dissed Her Dad

Kumail Nanjiani has now apologized to Meghan McCain after she scolded him on Twitter for comments made about her father, ailing U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona, a former Vietnam War prisoner of war. This back-and-forth comes in the aftermath of the White House staffer who infamously remarked that the senator is "dying anyway," such that his upcoming vote against CIA leader nominee Gina Haspel doesn't matter.

In a tweet that ignited the dispute between Nanjiani and The View co-host, the actor and comedian acknowledged that the above-referenced comment was vile, but accused the senator of supposedly failing to call out bigotry in the past, the Daily Mail explained. He also followed up with several more tweets critical of Meghan McCain's father.

Meghan McCain responded to the Silicon Valley actor this morning on Twitter, appending a video in which her dad praised Barack Obama, his opponent in the 2018 presidential election, as a "decent family man" with whom he disagreed politically and which had nothing to do with his ethnicity.

"You know nothing about my family or my father Kumail, nothing," Meghan McCain declared in her social media message.

Meghan McCain abruptly replaced Jedediah Bila last fall as the only non-liberal on The View panel. Her father and President Trump obviously have had their differences, but Meghan -- who has also articulated some disagreements with Trump -- has repeatedly implored her co-hosts against broad-brushing the president's supporters or the issues about which they feel strongly. Immediately prior to The View gig, she was a co-host on Fox News' Outnumbered.

Kumail Nanjiani responded to Meghan McCain on Twitter with a more conciliatory message. He claimed that he had no intention of being offensive and added that the world "would be a better place" if there were more elected officials like John McCain.

Parenthetically, John and Cindy McCain adopted one of their kids from Bangladesh.

Although Sen. McCain, who is currently recuperating from brain cancer surgery, is receiving a lot of good press and favorable mentions now, the situation was quite the opposite in many media and celebrity precincts when he ran against Obama for the White House.

While Sen. McCain, a Republican now in his sixth term, has announced that he is voting against CIA director nominee Haspel, he did vote in favor of John Brennan for the same job in the Obama administration, even though Brennan was also reportedly involved in waterboarding.

"In fact, Brennan was more senior and more involved in the decision making process in carrying out the enhanced interrogation techniques," the Washington Times claimed. Sen. McCain also voted against the full repeal of Obamacare, but the Trump administration has since been incrementally rolling back the law.

Meghan McCain, 33, also addressed the lack of an apology from the White House in The View clip below. (Note: the White House staffer has apologized privately to the McCain family.)