47-Year-Old Gina Stewart Stuns With How Great Grandma Can Look In A Bikini, Shares Beauty Secrets


Blonde bombshell Gina Stewart took to Instagram to show everyone it doesn’t matter how old you are – you can still look great in a bikini. According to Daily Mail, the 47-year-old grandmother has her chemical-free beauty habits to thank for her age-defying looks.

“Being a grandma doesn’t mean you have to wear the floral granny undies, I’m not hanging up my sexy lingerie just yet.”

Gina’s gorgeous complexion and youthful appearance are partly thanks to her specific diet. According to this grandma with a rocking beach body, she starts off her morning with some eggs. At lunch, she eats cottage cheese and avocado with rye crackers. For dinner, the blonde bombshell enjoys chicken, turkey mince, or fish with salad or broccoli, beans, and a sweet potato.

Stewart told Daily Mail she’s been eating this specific list of foods for a little more than a year and she’s shed 33 pounds with very little exercise. She noted that she could eat whatever she wanted without gaining weight when she was younger, but her weight became harder to manage as she aged.

She claimed that when she started to eat a healthier diet and became more aware of the chemicals she put in her body, she saw a massive change in the way she looked as well as the way she felt.

The 47-year-old grandmother also revealed that she has one guilty pleasure – chocolate. However, she does limit herself to consuming sugar-free chocolate. Gina is currently working toward avoiding all things containing chemicals – including plastic water bottles.

She revealed that her father died at the age of 59 from a heart attack, and she’s working hard to make sure the same future isn’t waiting for her. She believes that removing all of the chemical-based products from her life is the way to make that happen.

Gina also noted that she had breast implants during a time in her life when she felt very insecure about the way she looked. She, however, had no idea what type of chemicals were in the implants and how they could affect her health. So, she does plan on having the implants removed as she moves forward with her healthier and chemical-free lifestyle.

“I don’t care what anyone says about me anymore. We are all unique and nobody is perfect. I’m learning the most attractive part about ourselves is confidence with no age barrier.”

Gina also admitted to having her teeth veneered because she wanted a “perfect” smile. While it isn’t possible for her to undo this dental work, she would if she could.