Willie Jones Jr. Hanging Death Remains Unsolved As The Mississippi Bureau Of Investigation Ends Probe

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Over three months after the supposed hanging death of a Mississippi man, authorities have informed the family that the autopsy was inconclusive. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) has informed them that they are abandoning the probe.

However, the family of Willie Jones Jr. believes that his ex-girlfriend’s family is responsible for his murder. Activists are calling foul and have deemed the local, state, and federal investigations to be nothing more than a cover-up.

On Feb. 8, Jones died under suspicious circumstances. Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee initially ruled his death a suicide, but the day’s events, trauma to his body, and the way that Jones was hanging from a tree in his girlfriend’s front yard suggested to his family that he was beaten, tortured, killed, and then hung. Jones died within a few hours after leaving his mother’s home with ex-girlfriend Alexis Rankin.

The MBI sat down with the family last week to review the autopsy and explained that it was impossible to determine whether Jones was murdered or if he took his own life. Curiously, they refused to provide the family with a copy of the report.

New Black Panther Party (NBPP) leader Krystal Muhammad told the Inquisitr that the Jones family is now seeking legal representation in their quest for justice. According to Muhammad, authorities never even interviewed Alexis, nor her brother or father, who were all at home when the incident took place. After someone drove by their home and fired gunshots, Sheriff Lee reportedly instructed the Rankins to get out of town.

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Jones’ mother, Tammy Townsend, is convinced that her son would not commit suicide. Following the preliminary coroner’s report, Townsend reached out to the Mississippi State Conference NAACP President Charles R. Hampton.

Hampton called for state and local authorities to join the investigation. Because of threats made by Rankin’s father against Jones (referring to him as a “nappy-headed thug”), there is speculation that the crime was racially-motivated.

The family of Willie Jones Jr. is demanding justice for their son. They are certain that the Rankins and other witnesses know exactly how he died and must be forced to go on the record with their statements. The process of hiring an attorney will start this week.