Nicki Minaj’s Dramatic Role On ‘American Idol’ [Video]

Nicki Minaj’s long awaited Idol debut has been interesting to say the least. The season premier was lively and dramatic, with plenty of interesting wigs, make-up, outfits, and one memorable drummer hat. The entertainment value that Nicki Minaj provides for Idol is spellbinding and provides plenty of opportunities for all of our meme makers out there. Her role is uninhibited, and she has provided even more insight into her character. It’s like watching a different judge every show, and we don’t know what personality she will bring to the show each week.

Minaj’s quirky and animated personality has provided much anticipated drama including the much hyped about fight with Mariah because Nicki rejected a contestant for wearing the same eye shadow as her. Though the rivalry and the drama escalated to intense levels, Nicki recently told Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the feud between her and Mariah has ended. In addition, she blatantly flirted with more than just one contestant and threw multiple pick-up lines like:

“Is that a hole in your pants?” or “Bieber never did this to me.”

Though feelings about Minaj and her explosive personality are mixed, but one thing is not debatable: She is entertaining. She provides plenty of entertainment and energy that is unparalleled. She provides a wide range of emotions and characters including laughter, cynicism, compassion, horniness, insight, glamour, and crazy fashion. One interesting fact is that Nicki refuses to watch herself on Idol because she says that she is too self-conscious and that she would beat herself about her on performance. Love her or hate her, you know you can’t stop talking about her, and neither can we.