Eurovision 2018 Winner Revealed: Music Streaming Service Leaks Top Five And Expected Winner, ‘Express’ Reports

Armando FrancaAP Images

The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 final hadn’t even kicked off yet when the winner may have been leaked to the internet.

As the Express reported, the music streaming service Deezer may have revealed the finalists and the order in which they finished. The service shared the data with the Express, showing which countries are getting the most streams online, including the expected Eurovision 2018 winner.

[WARNING: Potential Eurovision Song Contest 2018 spoilers below.]

According to the report, the five finalists were France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Finland. Rounding out the top 10 were The Netherlands, Israel, Australia, Sweden, and Norway.

The report even identified the supposed winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

“Madame Monsieur, representing France with Mercy, is currently the most streamed contestant and seems to have the most popular song,” the report noted. “The UK and Ireland made it within the top 20 and could still stand a chance of taking home the crown.”

Deezer U.K. and Ireland Music Editor Adam Read told the Express that music streams give an inside track to which countries are expected to win. These results are not set in stone, however, and he said there is a chance that France could still be knocked off by another contender for the crown.

“France looks like it is the clear front runner from our data, but we would not be surprised to see Eleni Foureira for Cyprus running away with it tonight,” Read said. “The dark horse for us is Bulgaria, their streaming numbers have had a notable increase this week in the run up to the event.”

Even if the leaked Eurovision 2018 winner is true, it would not take much away from the experience for fans. The show attracts more than 200 million viewers every year for the spectacle of the show and the breadth of musical talent from across Europe (plus some others from outside the region, like Israel and Australia).

As the Guardian noted, this year’s Eurovision theme is All Aboard!, playing off the nautical history of host nation Portugal. The full Eurovision 2018 show can be seen in the video below.

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