In A String Of Cancellations This Week, ‘Lucifer’ Will Be Missed The Most

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Oh, hell no, they just canceled Lucifer! That’s probably what many fans were saying when TV Line announced that Fox had pulled the plug on the devilish TV show after three seasons. According to a poll conducted this morning, Lucifer placed as No. 1 for being the hardest-hitting cancellation out of 19 broadcast series.

What’s more, the poll garnered a 44.96 percent share of votes from fans of the show. That, and other shows of support from fans, may be important if the studio behind it decides to ultimately rescue Lucifer.

The character of Lucifer, or Lucifer Samael Morningstar, as his full name is known, first materialized as a fictional supporting character in the comic book series, The Sandman. Later, Lucifer was developed into the Fox series that premiered October 2, 2017.

For those not familiar with Lucifer, the show is a fantasy police procedural series that is part drama and part comedy. The plot centers around the titular character of Lucifer portrayed by Tom Ellis. As an aside, Ellis plays Lucifer with exceptionally good, scenery-chewing glory.

The premise of Lucifer is as follows: Lucifer takes a vacation from being Lord of Hell for a while to enjoy some time on Earth. He runs the nightclub Lux, but moonlights as a consultant to the LAPD. One of Lucifer’s talents that is extremely useful during police interrogations is that he can compel people to recount “their deepest desires” to the police.

Much of the story-lines of Lucifer center around the sexual tension between Lucifer and his partner, Detective Chloe Decker, played by the Divide‘s Lauren German. Lucifer writers often toy with their relationship Bones-style, with the audience wondering if they are ever going to wind up as a couple.

Some of the best parts of the show involve banter between Chloe Decker’s daughter, Trixie, and Mazikeen, or “Maze,” as she is nicknamed on the show. Maze is the arch-she-demon-protector of Lucifer and the sometimes clueless, inappropriate babysitter to Trixie.

On the other hand, one of the story-lines that seemed to suck the most wind out of Lucifer was when Tom Welling was introduced to the show as a potential suitor to Chloe and as competition for Lucifer. Welling, whose stint as Smallville‘s Superman was so right, seems so wrong for Lucifer.

Welling, who is later revealed on Lucifer to be the biblical character Cain, seems to be part of a story-line that never seems to fit in. He said the following to Entertainment Weekly during a recent interview in regard to his part on the show,

“So this is going to sound cheesy, but it’s true. I had been in discussions with Fox on two other projects this year that didn’t work out — for one, I was too young and the other one I just wasn’t right for.”

Tom Welling never seemed to be right for Lucifer, either, in the way the other characters seemed to be, even though you couldn’t really put your finger on the reason. Everyone else seemed to be having a lot of fun in the role, but it always seemed like Welling was taking it way too serious. Maybe that’s what happens to you when you’re immortal, as the character he portrays is. You might say that Cain is not boring, he’s just bored by it all.

Who out there is rooting for Lucifer to get the girl? That feels so wrong in so many ways, doesn’t it? We may never get a chance to realize “Team Clucifer” now.

Comparatively, horror shows seem to be having a bad week on Fox, seeing as they also axed anthology horror drama The Exorcist yesterday. That being said, Lucifer might even wind up as another instance of a Firefly show, meaning a show that’s cancelled before its time.

Tom Ellis laments the cancellation of Lucifer here.

Don’t give up your hopes just yet, though. Fans are raising hell and #SaveLucifer is at the top of social media conversation lately. This may even help the comic-based drama earn a chance at being picked up, ala Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC after Fox cancelled it, and Deadline reports that fans are sounding off, saying the “groundswelling of fan support” may even be able to get Lucifer on a new network or platform that truly appreciates it.

Tom Ellis issues congratulations to Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Twitter.

Lucifer gets 44.96 percent of the vote about the hardest-hitting cancellation of them all in the TV Line poll below.

Popularity Poll results from TV Line

Wait, did Captain Kirk vote in that poll?