NFL Rumors: Josh McDaniels Wants To Be NFL Head Coach Again

Maddie MeyerGetty Images

Josh McDaniels was poised to become the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts this offseason. The deal had reportedly been agreed to by both sides, but suddenly everything changed. McDaniels decided to back out of his deal with the Colts, even after the franchise had hired some of the assistant coaches that had committed to join him in his new venture.

Despite backing out of the Colts’ job, McDaniels has opened up and made it clear that he wants to be an NFL head coach again, according to a report from the Boston Globe.

“You know, there’s a lot that goes into those things. It can be very complicated. I’ll say this, I’ve stated again and again that I definitely want to be a head coach again. At the same time, I love being here. This is where my kids were born and raised. And we’ve made a pretty special life here and that’s not an easy thing to leave. So, there’s a lot to consider.”

He continued on talking about how he enjoys his fit with the Patriots and how he doesn’t take it for granted.

“Certainly, leaving here, I don’t take lightly, ever. I would never take that lightly. It was a difficult process and I’m very happy with the decision that we made and grateful to be here and continue working towards the 2018 season.”

This news is not going to make fans in Indianapolis very happy. Frank Reich ended up becoming the head coach of the Colts, which fans are happy about. That being said, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the McDaniels hire and a lot of anger immediately after his decision to back out of the deal.

McDaniels also stated that he was “happy” with his decision to remain as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.

Many believe that McDaniels chose to stay with the Patriots after a promise of becoming the next head coach for the successful franchise was made by owner Robert Kraft. That report has not been confirmed at this point in time.

Bill Belichick isn’t getting any younger and it is widely expected that he will retire when star quarterback Tom Brady decides to hang up the cleats. That notion hasn’t been confirmed by any reports either at this time.

McDaniels did deny that he has been given any kind of future guarantee by the Patriots in his interview.

“Nope. Nope. I mean, my role is the same. Look, I think if you’re here, you have an opportunity to work with and for some of the best people in our game. Maybe some of the best people that have ever done those things in our game. So, I feel like it’s a great opportunity to be here in my role.”

Expect to hear the Indianapolis media bash McDaniels in the near future or at least take a subtle jab. Chris Ballard certainly wasn’t happy with McDaniels backing out of the deal, but the franchise couldn’t be happier with Reich taking over as the new head coach.

There have been some rumblings that quite a few executives and personnel around the NFL believe that McDaniels backing out on the Colts has hurt his reputation.

Only time will tell whether McDaniels will get another head coaching opportunity. There is no denying that he is a talented football coach, but there is also no denying that he did the Colts dirty this offseason.