Spoiler Alert: The ‘Southern Charm’ Recap Of ‘Exes On The Half Shell’

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Tonight’s Southern Charm focused on the opening of Naomie Olindo’s father’s new Charleston restaurant, Nico, and it opened with Naomie deciding that she’d like a do-over with Peyton. Peyton is the woman Shep met on his show, Relationshep, and now she has moved to Charleston. You remember when Naomie met Peyton? Naomie called her a “thirsty b***h?”

Naomie has come back to her senses and decided to apologize to Peyton, and even invite her to the soft opening of the restaurant. Naomie’s dad told her she would get farther in life with kindness, and so she was going to give it a try reluctantly. Naomie was also inviting Craig and trying to move on.

But while everyone (with the exception of J.D.) showed up at the Olindo’s restaurant, Nico, it looked like not everyone had a great time. Last week, Southern Charm fans saw some serious cracks in the new relationship of Thomas Ravenel and his plus-one, Ashley. While talking to Patricia Altschul and Whitney Sudler-Smith, Thomas Ravenel hinted that Ashley wasn’t as nice as she might seem.

“I see a side to her I don’t necessarily like,” Thomas confided in Whitney and Patricia. “Sometimes she’s not that sweet, friendly girl.”


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Tonight on Southern Charm, in his confessional, Thomas mentioned that it’s unclear how long Ashley will be in his life, after suggesting in the first episode that he had finally met the perfect woman. But worse than that for Ashley was what she got to witness at the restaurant opening. Last week at the Halloween party, Thomas flirted with Kathryn while Ashley was out of town, and tonight, he’s coming back for seconds at Nico.

Thomas showed up at the restaurant with Ashley, but made a beeline for Kathryn to tell her how good she looked, kissing her on each cheek and hugging her with Ashley standing there in disbelief. If Ashley didn’t know already that Thomas was still attracted to Kathryn, she does now. Then Thomas pulled out one of his stories that are way inappropriate in mixed company (or any company). Let’s just say it was Thomas once again talking about his genitals.

Kathryn has one of the most expressive faces on television, and instead of being upset with Ashley, she now officially pities her, as Thomas seemed to have forgotten that Ashley was even standing next to them. It’s like a scene in the movies where everyone in the background fades away, and it’s just one couple standing there.

Kathryn Dennis has finally gotten some closure, as she states at the dinner table. Kathryn thought it would bother her to see Thomas with someone else, but now she says she feels nothing and gives “zero f**ks.”