Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has No Plans For ‘Man Of Steel’ Or Any Other DC Comics Films

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in spite of rumors, has no plans to do a cameo in the upcoming DC Comics blockbuster “Man of Steel”. It has been noticed that “Batman Begins” director Christopher Nolan has been using some of the same actors in his films since “Batman Begins”. “Inception” used several of the cast from that film, and then introduced Marion Cotillard, who had almost given away her involvement in the story of the latest Batman film just by appearing in it.

Rumors had been flying ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared in the latest film. His role had apparently been inflated, as he simply showed up as an every-man police officer who ended up going by the name of Robin. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gone on record as saying he has no plans to be in any future DC Comics films, including “Man of Steel”.

Gordon-Levitt laughed at the “Man of Steel” rumor when MTV‘s Josh Horowitz asked him:

“I hadn’t heard that one. It just goes to show how much you can believe rumors.”

Gordon-Levitt encourages skepticism in fans when it comes to rumors such as those about the recent “Guardians of the Galaxy” until he says otherwise:

“I don’t think you should believe in any of them. If there’s something I’m going to be in, I’m going to tell you about it.”

The theme of men becoming a symbol, as Michael Caine’s “Alfred” mentioned, had been discussed when talking about a possible John Blake sequel on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

“I don’t think [the ending of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘] is necessarily a set-up. I think it is the great ending for that trilogy. Even if you go back to ‘Batman Begins,’ he’s talking about how Batman is more than a man, it’s a symbol, and a hero can be anybody and we all have heroes inside of us.”

As confirmed in Screen Rant, Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale have both announced they are done with Batman and Levitt has no news on his end either.

So no, until Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells us otherwise, he has no plans to be in “Man of Steel” or any other DC Comics films at this point.