Chris Brown’s Lawyer Says That His Client Is Being ‘Targeted’ In A Financial Shakedown

Jonathan LeibsonGetty Images for Riveting Entertainment

Chris Brown is being sued for sexual assault, and it seems that no one is surprised – except his lawyer.

VladTV got a hold of a video recording of Mark Geragos — the attorney for Chris Brown who, in the past, has represented the likes of Michael Jackson, Gary Condit, and Scott Peterson — claiming that his client is the target of a financial shakedown.

Geragos claimed, in the video, that the claims against his client were “invalid” — that if Brown’s accuser had a solid sexual assault case against him, she would pursue this on a criminal, not a civil, level.

Geragos went on to say that the accuser, who has asked for $17 million in damages, is “shaking down” his client.

“If any that of were true, it would have been criminally investigated. Obviously, it was, and it was rejected…I guess the fact they made a demand for 17 million dollars and I told them to ‘go pound sand’ probably explains the press conference.”

Geragos also said that the County of Los Angeles isn’t shy about filing indictments, especially since Chris Brown faced an indictment over his pet monkey earlier this year. So, since the county didn’t file an indictment, there was no merit to the accuser’s claim.

As Rolling Stone reported yesterday, Brown is being for more than $17 million by a woman named “Jane Doe,” represented by Gloria Allred, Esq.

In her suit, the young woman claims that she was raped several times while she was staying at Brown’s house, and her rapist is a rapper known as Young Lo (real name: Lowell Grissom).

Allred’s client also claims that another woman who was staying in Brown’s house forced Allred’s client to perform oral sex on her.

And the claims get pretty horrifying.

“To compound Plaintiff’s horror, Doe X was menstruating at the time. When Plaintiff realized that Doe X had menstruated on her face, Plaintiff decided that for health reasons, she needed to wash herself immediately. Grissom entered the bathroom while Plaintiff was in the shower, and began to molest her. Plaintiff fled the bathroom, but Grissom pursued her, and pushed her down onto the bed and raped her.”

Allred’s client claims that this assault happened on February 23, 2017, after Chris Brown performed at 1Oak in Los Angeles. Allred’s client also claims that she didn’t have any recorded evidence of the assault because Grissom confiscated her cell phone when she entered Chris Brown’s house.

Supposedly, Chris Brown also has had issues stemming from confiscating cell phones from people in the past as well.