Donald Trump Jr. Roasted On Social Media After Sharing Video Featuring Shirtless Three-Year-Old Daughter

Donald Trump Jr. is used to being the center for controversy for political reasons but today, the 40-year-old is coming under fire for a totally different reason.

Most recently, Donald Trump Jr. has been scrutinized for what he clearly thought to be an innocent video of him and two of his kids playing. In the video posted to his Instagram account two days ago, Donald and his kids, Spencer and Chloe, appear to be in a playroom messing around with some sort of nerf guns.

The video starts on Spencer as he shoots yellow pellets at his dad. Trump Jr. can be heard laughing in the background before asking “how many of those things do you have?” When Spencer runs out of “ammo” Trump Jr. pans the camera over to his daughter to ask if she, too, is out of ammo.

A few seconds later, the kids can be seen picking up yellow pellets off the ground to reload their toy guns while Trump Jr. jokes that it’s a “shame” they’re out of ammo. The video ends with the kids finishing loading their guns as Trump Jr. tells them that he loves them.

But what really had many of Trump’s Instagram followers talking was the fact that his the three-year-old daughter appears in the video in only pink shorts and no top. Within just two days of being posted, the video gained over 122,000 likes and 980 plus comments, with many users scorching Trump for posting a video where his daughter is topless.

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“Put a shirt on that girl before you start video taping. She won’t thank you later.”

“All that money..dress your children,” another user commented.

But even with all the backlash, a few of Trump Jr.’s fans and even foes were quick to comment back on the negativity directed towards Trump’s innocent children.

“I’m anti-everything Trump but the attack on kids isn’t necessary.”

“The kids look happy. U r happy so nothing else should matter. Some of these people need to start playing with their kids also,” another follower suggested.

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The comments continue to grow by the minute but it appears that Trump Jr. has not yet spoken out on any of the backlash at this time. In addition to his shirtless daughter, many other users took time to attack Trump Jr. over letting his children play with guns, making the post political.

“You need gun control!!”

“How dare you teach kids that guns are fun,” another user barked.

Most recently, Donald and his wife, Vanessa Trump, also made headlines for ending their marriage of 13 years. The couple shares five children together.