‘RHONY’ Luann De Lesseps Thinks Someone Drugged Her Before Her Arrest

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RHONY star Luann de Lesseps is now saying that alcohol was not the only problem the night she was arrested. The former countess now says she thinks she might have been drugged the night the Palm Beach Police took her into custody on Christmas Eve for being intoxicated and disorderly. De Lesseps says she was at the Colony Hotel with a female friend, and the two had wine and martinis.

The Real Housewives star told Dr. Oz that she thinks she might have been drugged at some point in the evening, reports PageSix.

“I almost think that somebody slipped me something because I don’t remember a thing after that.”

Luann de Lesseps had just split with her second husband Tom D’Agostino and was spending the holidays as a single woman. The Real Housewives star was on her way to a wedding in South America and had stopped off in Florida to see friends.

But Luann admits that she did drink more that day than usual.

“And so I checked into the Colony, to make a long story short. I had a rosé at lunch with my girlfriend, we split a bottle of Whispering Angel, which is normal. And then there were some people there that were fans, so they send me more rosé. So I drank more than I usually would.”

But de Lesseps says that even though she had a glass or two more than usual, the fact that she doesn’t remember anything after a point is not the norm. She wonders if one of the drinks that were sent to her table might have been drugged.

“That’s kind of a regular kind of thing. You know what I mean? In terms of the drinking path that I was on.”

Luann de Lesseps was arrested soon after going upstairs at the Colony and entering the wrong room, insisting it was hers. She also got belligerent with Palm Beach Police.

De Lesseps released a statement apologizing to the police, her friends, and her family for the incident she calls embarrassing. Luann says that in a strange way, getting arrested and going to rehab saved her life because she was headed in a dangerous direction after splitting up with Tom D’Agostino.

“You lose yourself, you get so caught up in this thing and this other world and this life. Being arrested saved my life, just giving me an opportunity to understand the good in my life.”