WWE News: WWE Is Actually Moving Ahead With Roman Reigns Vs. Jinder Mahal, And It Could Last Quite Some Time

It finally appears as if the feud between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns is over and both will be moving on to something new. Reigns’ program with Samoa Joe didn’t last long as they had their one match at Backlash and the latter was recently moved to SmackDown Live. While the majority of the fans may not care what Reigns does next, it certainly appears as if his next feud on Monday Night Raw is actually going to be against none other than Jinder Mahal.

This week on Monday Night Raw, Mahal demanded a Money in the Bank qualifying match, but Kurt Angle refused his request and put him in a match against Chad Gable. Mahal ended up going on to win that match and beating down Gable which is what resulted in Angle not giving him the match he wanted.

Later in the night, the main event served as the next qualifying match and it was a Triple Threat showcasing Finn Balor vs. Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns. As recapped by the official website of WWE, Balor would go on to win that match, but there was a little bit of assistance from outside interference.

During the match, Reigns set up for a Spear, but Jinder Mahal appeared and took out Reigns which resulted in the finish of the match for Balor. Needless to say, but it seems as if a feud between those two superstars is on the horizon.

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Neither man has qualified for the men’s ladder match at Money in the Bank next month, but it’s still possible that they could. The thing is, there are only two remaining spots for men on Raw with Reigns already losing his qualifier and Mahal being denied the opportunity.

It’s still a bit of a mystery as to why he chose Roman Reigns specifically to attack in the main event, but that may be revealed later. Now, WWE is heading toward a match at Money in the Bank between these two men and it is going to be a feud that continues for quite some time.

According to Ringside News, WWE is already promoting its July live events and the majority of them have Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal penciled in for the cards. It is to be expected that the feud is going to continue on television throughout that time and this is the next program for both.

Fans have made it perfectly clear that they don’t want Roman Reigns in the spotlight and certainly don’t want him in the title picture. Still, WWE has continued to push him for years, but they may have finally listened to the negative reactions. It doesn’t seem as if he’s going after a title or going to be in the ladder match at Money in the Bank, but it’s interesting to see that their next option is to match him against Jinder Mahal.

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