Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Aren’t Yet Ready To Get Married, Reports ‘Gossip Cop’

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may be completely in love, but they aren’t yet preparing to get married.

On May 7, Gossip Cop confirmed recent reports from The Hollywood Gossip and Celebrity Insider are untrue.

The “hunt for clues that the singers are getting ready to wed is never-ending,” but Shelton has now “taken an important step toward proposing to Stefani,” The Hollywood Gossip claimed days ago.

According to the report, which sourced an incorrect Celebrity Insider article, Shelton and Stefani were supposedly “ready to wed” after Shelton made the decision to convert to Catholicism to please Stefani and her family — and after he allegedly quit drinking alcohol entirely so that he could be a great stepdad to Stefani’s kids. However, as Gossip Cop pointed out, Shelton hasn’t quit drinking. In fact, just days ago, the country singer shared photos on his Instagram and Twitter pages that showed him drinking with Stefani at his home on Lake Texoma.

As Gossip Cop also noted, a source recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Shelton and Stefani’s future plans, confirming that neither singer was in a rush to walk down the aisle.

“There is no reason for them to rush into a marriage so they aren’t,” the source said. “Both of them are happy and content with where their relationship is right now.”

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first met one another while filming the seventh season of The Voice but kept their relationship professional at the time due to the fact that they were both married. Then, two seasons later, after Stefani called it quits with Gavin Rossdale after 13 years of marriage and Shelton ended his marriage to Miranda Lambert after just four years, their relationship became romantic.

While Stefani and Shelton did their best to keep their romance to themselves for a while, they ultimately went public during a Country Music Awards after-party in Nashville, Tennessee, in November 2015. Since then, the couple has been seen flirting alongside one another on The Voice and supporting one another’s careers on their social media pages.

In addition to their loving romance, Stefani and Shelton are also enjoying a fun family unit with her three boys, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, who she shares with her ex-husband.

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