Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Appear At Met Gala, Twitter Users Say They Look Sick And Old

Sunday evening marked another annual Met Gala, which typically brings out some of Hollywood’s elite. It also marked another Met Gala appearance for twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, known for appearing as Michelle Tanner on Full House, successful film series and fashion lines. The pair of former child stars showed up to the delight of many, but earned nothing but scorn from some on social media.

The chief insult from the peanut gallery was that the Olsen twins look “old.” Or at least one does. Many Twitter users joked that since Ashley is single, she isn’t aging as quickly as her sister appears to be. Of course, Mary-Kate is famously married to Olivier Sarkozy, the half-brother of former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, who also happens to be 17 years her senior.

A few other tweets called the twins names like “corpses” and aged avocados. And instead of criticizing their current looks, countless other fans opted to remember Mary-Kate and Ashley as they used to be during their Full House days. A few users even shared throwback photos of the “old” Olsen twins circa 1990.

One photo of the Olsen twins with Jared Leto also circulated the Twittersphere, prompting many fans to give it a retweet. According to Pop Sugar, Ashley and Jared have had an on-again-off-again relationship over the years and were romantically linked as early as 2005.

But not all the comments were so venomous, thankfully. Many other Twitter users applauded the twins for making a rare red carpet appearance as some fans even suggested that the girls look “better and better” with each passing year. Another user called the duo “iconic” before saying that they will forever be fashionistas.

As they have scaled down their Hollywood appearances to focus on their clothing line, the twins apparently enjoy attending the Met Gala as People reports that they have gone every year since 2005. Mary-Kate didn’t stray from her usual all black look, wearing a long, dark Stephen Russell dress that ties at the waist. Ashley, on the other hand, wore the same designer but opted for a more colorful dress with red, gold, and black.

Vogue even applauded the sisters for shying away from wearing something “trendy” and instead opting for one-off vintage finds each year they attend the Met.

One thing that everyone can agree on? Everywhere they go, the Olsen twins are sure to turn heads.