WWE News: Vince McMahon Reportedly Very Angry After Fans Walk Out Of 'Backlash' During Main Event [Video]

There have been a number of complaints about Sunday's Backlash, and it is blatantly obvious that fans were not thrilled about it. While it was originally expected that the WWE Championship Match would be the main event, Samoa Joe took on Roman Reigns in that spot instead. While it may not be too hard to believe, hordes of fans actually began walking out of the arena during the main event and Vince McMahon is reportedly not very happy about it.

Looking through social media, it is evident that fans weren't overly happy about the majority of Backlash. They gave credit to a couple of matches and really enjoyed AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, but hated how the championship match finished with a double count out.

Things became even worse when Roman Reigns came out last and stepped into the ring for the main event match against Samoa Joe. The match was rather slow and dragged on for a while before Reigns was somehow able to break out of the Coquina Clutch on a number of occasions and ended up with a big victory.

It's a victory that wasn't seen by everyone who showed up to watch Backlash, though, as a lot of fans had already walked out, as reported by Bleacher Report.

After the match came to an end and Roman Reigns stood victoriously, the remaining fans decided to let WWE know how they felt about the result.Those watching at home on the WWE Network could see that there were some empty seats around the arena when the camera panned around. The boos and negative reaction to Roman Reigns could also be easily heard and even appeared to be drowned out or lowered at times.

Anyone who has been watching WWE for the last five years is aware of the fact that they are have pushed Roman Reigns down the throats of the fans. No matter what they try to do, they cannot get a good crowd reaction for him, but it may have finally hit the boiling point for Vince McMahon.

The Twitter account of Slice Wrestling is reporting that booing is one thing, but McMahon was not happy at all about fans actually walking out of Backlash during the main event.

If the report is to be believed, the fans literally leaving before the pay-per-view ended may have finally opened Vince McMahon's eyes. From here on out, it's going to be interesting to see just what happens with Roman Reigns and if his mega-push from the last five years continues.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Reigns was in the main event match which was a qualifier for the men's ladder match at Money in the Bank, but he didn't win. Finn Balor took the victory even though it was Sami Zayn taking the pinfall loss in the Triple Threat Match. Reigns was not overly featured on Raw and he walked out without a win or big showing, and some may wonder if that happened due to fans walking out of Backlash.