May 7, 2018
Jorge Porto-Sierra: Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Barbecue Child Molesters To Death By Gasoline And Fire

Osceola County police officers arrested a Florida man after it was discovered that he attempted to barbecue sex offenders to death. Jorge Porto-Sierra, 50, confessed to investigators that he had attempted to kill several people who were at a motel in Kissimmee.

The Florida man allegedly told police officers he traveled to the Friendly Village Inn & Motel on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway to "barbecue all the child molesters on fire and kill them." According to WRAL, at least two of the four men hurt in the attempted murder-by-barbecuing incident were actually convicted sex offenders.

Witnesses claim that they saw Porto-Sierra yelling threats and screaming, "I'm going to kill you, child molester," while he dowsed the front door of the motel room with gasoline. He even broke a hotel window to pour in more gas. Porto-Sierra was apparently carrying a cigarette the entire time. Reports do not say whether the cigarette was lit or not.

Another pair of witnesses said that their car was rammed by Porto-Sierra and he jumped out after the collision and began pouring gas all over. Fortunately for everyone involved, Porto-Sierra was not successful in lighting the Friendly Village Inn & Motel on fire. When deputies asked the arrested Florida man why he did not carry out his threat to "barbecue all the child molesters," he simply replied, "You got here too soon."

Stock photo of a police line.

According to City-Data, there are 430 registered sex offenders living in Kissimmee as of May 07, 2018. The ratio of the number of residents in Kissimmee to the number of sex offenders is 161-to-1. As a comparison, the ratio in Orlando is 137-to-1. Both areas have a higher ratio in comparison to the entire state of Florida, which is listed as being 677-to-1.

Florida law requires sex offenders to publicly register their home address with the Sexual Offender and Predator System. That system can be accessed online and it shows that more than 20 sex offenders are using the Friendly Village Inn & Motel as their home address.

On Thursday, Jorge Porto-Sierra was formally charged with counts of attempted premeditated murder. The Florida man is being held with no bond at the Osceola County Jail.