Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Top 5 Earworms You Won’t Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head

Armando FrancaAP Images

The Eurovision Song Contest is a visual and musical spectacular. Not only do people tune in each year for the visual delight, they also make sure to check out the crazy costuming and sometimes bizarre song choices. Along they way, there will, invariably, be those songs that, once listened to, cannot by unheard as they wriggle into your mind and become an addictive earworm.

So, here’s the top five list of earworms to fall in love with — or avoid completely — for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

“That’s How You Write A Song” by Alexander Rybak (Norway)

Sounding like an ’80s anthem, “That’s How You Right A Song” lets you know right away that Norway’s entry into the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest is not to be taken seriously. It is totally possible Norway used the Eurovision parody song, “Love, Love, Peace, Peace,” from the 2016 Eurovision interval performance as their inspiration here. This is especially true if you consider the fact that Alexander Rybak appeared, playing the violin, in that performance.

“TOY” by Netta (Israel)

Considering this song starts with peculiar vocal sounds that may, or may not be representing a chicken, this song then goes on to include some pretty earworm-worthy lines. “I’m taking my Pikachu home,” is the first line to catch the viewer’s attention. But, it is the catchy chorus of, “I’m not your toy (Not your toy) | You stupid boy (Stupid boy),” that makes it truly an earworm worthy of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

“Dance You Off” by Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden)

Another Eurovision Song that draws heavily on the ’80s, “Dance You Off” starts slowly, but worms its way into your head with a catchy chorus. Plus, what does, “Dance, dance, dance, you off,” even mean?

“Higher Ground” by Rasmussen (Denmark)

The second Scandinavian song to make the earworm list for the Eurovision Song Contest this year is “Higher Ground” by Rasmussen. According to ESC Today, this song is based on Magnus Erlendsson, the Earl of Orkney (also known as Magnus the Martyr) from the Viking saga called “Orkneyinga Saga.” This earworm is a song about solving conflicts by peaceful means, rather than using violence, something not normally associated with the Vikings.

“Outlaw In ‘Em” by Waylon (The Netherlands)

It’s a country-western song written by Jim Beavers and performed by Dutch singer, Waylon. So, nothing else needs to be said about this earworm, other than get ready to get your bootscooting shoes on.

The first semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has already aired. The second semi-final will be broadcast on Thursday, May 10, at 7 p.m. The grand final will then air on Saturday, May 12, 2018, starting at 7 p.m. All times are in WEST (Western European Summer Time) or UTC/GMT + 1.