‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Goes After Ava, Blackmails Her To Keep her Quiet

It is getting a little crazy on General Hospital lately. Nelle Hayes has turned into quite an evil villain. She may even be worse than Ava Jerome, and that is saying a lot. She wants Carly out of the way, which basically means she wants her put away in a mental facility for safe keeping so she can slither right back into Michael’s life.

No one has a clue, except for Ava. She knows about Nelle’s plan, but the expectant mom isn’t the least bit worried. Spoilers by SheKnows Soaps says that Nelle will make it clear to her boss that she is moving ahead with her plan for Carly, and Ava won’t be doing anything about it.

Nelle has some incriminating evidence that would be the nail in the coffin for Ava’s relationship with Griffin Munro. Ava is aware that Griffin ran a DNA test on Peter August without his consent. She knows the truth and is holding onto it, just in case she needs it in the future. Unfortunately for Ava, Nelle took a peek at her phone a few weeks ago on General Hospital, and now she knows what Ava did.

This will be the thing that will keep Ava quiet about what Nelle is doing to Carly. She thinks she is going too far, but she will stay mum for now. This will be bad for Ava once the truth is revealed. She could have gone to Sonny and Carly before it got out of hand, but she chose not to because she was angry over Sonny not letting her see Avery. Nelle played right into her emotions as well.

It didn’t help matters any when Ava told Nelle that they needed to get Carly out of the way. That conversation started the wheels turning in Nelle’s devious head. Her plan is working as Carly is starting to think that she really is going crazy, and everyone else around her is getting suspicious as well.

General Hospital spoilers also state that Ava will be set up, so she better watch her back. Maybe Nelle will plant evidence to make it look like Ava is the one who is haunting Carly Corinthos. Nelle Hayes has turned into one nasty villain on the ABC soap. General Hospital viewers are more than ready for Nelle to be taken down.

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