Brooklyn Middle School Teacher Arrested After Student’s Mother Finds Explicit Photos On His Cell Phone

Takisha and Marcus Randall spoke out for the first time on Saturday about their son’s math teacher, who was recently arrested for sexually abusing their 14-year-old son. Andre Braddy was taken into custody on April 25 and has since been released on bond. Had Takisha not glanced at her son’s phone, they may never have discovered the abuse.

Braddy was a math teacher at Lennox Academy Middle School in the Bronx. The Randalls had met Braddy before, but were completely unaware that he was allegedly preying on their son. Braddy is accused of engaging in oral sex and intercourse with the teen between March 19 and April 20, according to the New York Times.

Making a public statement at Brooklyn Borough Hall on Saturday, the distraught parents recounted how they found out about the alleged abuse. Takisha said that she remembered walking into her son’s room and noticing that he was staring at his cell phone. She glanced at the screen and saw what she described as some “pretty disturbing images” along with graphic texts from Braddy.

Takisha gathered herself and soon told her husband, Marcus, about the texts. He was furious that a man they had just met with weeks before could “stab them in the heart” this way and convince their son that what Braddy was doing was an expression of love.

After reporting the incident to the authorities, the police set up a monitored call between the teen and Braddy where the math teacher reportedly apologized for taking the boy’s virginity and asked if he liked the nude photos that he sent to him. Not long after that call, Braddy was taken into custody and charged.

Braddy has reportedly worked at Lennox Academy since 2015 and by all accounts was well-liked and respected by the students. He taught eighth-grade math and advanced Algebra. The New York Times reported that Braddy now faces three charges of engaging in criminal sexual acts and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted of the most serious charges, Braddy could serve up to seven years in prison.

The teacher is reportedly free on $25,000 bail and has been ordered to have no contact with the teen. He is also being kept away from the students and may have his pay suspended until the investigation concludes, per the Department of Education.

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