MLB Rumors: New York Yankees Could Acquire Matt Harvey?

Jim McIsaacGetty Images

Matt Harvey used to be viewed as one of the best talents on the mound in Major League Baseball. Now, he is viewed as a problem for the New York Mets in the clubhouse. He has seen his career completely fall apart, and the Mets are tired of letting his personal struggles affect their entire team.

New York decided to designate Harvey for assignment this week, and it was a move that shocked all of baseball. Plenty of teams will steer clear of Harvey due to chemistry issues, but others will view this situation as an opportunity to pick up a talented player at a cheap price. One of those teams could end up being the New York Yankees.

According to Mark Feinsand of, the Yankees could be one of the landing spots for Harvey.

If Harvey did end up landing with the Yankees, he would simply be moving across town. He does seem to like the New York nightlife, which is part of the reason the Mets dumped him. That could be a concern for the Yankees, but they are hurting for more pitching.

Throughout the 2018 MLB season thus far, Harvey has pitched in eight games and has started four of them. He has compiled an 0-2 record to go along with a 7.00 ERA. Those numbers simply don’t look good, but the Yankees don’t necessarily have too many options to add pitching.

From Harvey’s perspective, signing with the Yankees could be exactly the thing to do in order to prove himself.

Moving across town and playing for the Yankees would be an opportunity to prove the Mets wrong. Harvey has been adamant that he isn’t being used correctly, which is something he could prove in town with the Yankees. He could become a very important part of a World Series-contending roster as well.

Feinsand also makes a good point about how the New York media would react to Harvey playing for the Yankees.

“There’s nothing the New York media would love more than the ex-Met and tabloid staple remaining in the Big Apple. Doc and Darryl did it; why not the Dark Knight?”

At 29-years-old, Harvey needs to go somewhere he can get his career back on track. He doesn’t have a lot of time before teams will be too scared to give him a chance. Perhaps the Yankees will be the team that can get him back on track.

All of that being said, expect to hear more news about the next chapter of Harvey’s career in the near future. He may not end up landing with the Yankees, but they certainly seem like a nice fit for him if there is mutual interest.