Weekend Box Office – ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Hits $1 Billion Worldwide In Fastest Time Ever

Marvel Studios

After having the biggest opening weekend in history, Avengers: Infinity War is continuing its battle to be the highest-earning movie of all time. In a mere nine days, the latest hit from Marvel Studios has earned more than $450 million domestically and has already rocketed past the $1 billion mark worldwide. There was not a lot to challenge it at the box office this weekend, but it likely wouldn’t have mattered if there had been.

As of Sunday morning (May 6, 2018), Avengers: Infinity War had topped the charts at an estimated $1.164 billion worldwide and that is simply astounding. It has taken a mere 11 days for it to jump over $1 billion which is an easy record and the movie hasn’t even opened in China yet.

USA Today is reporting that it also has the distinction of having the second-biggest second weekend ever with $112.5 million. Disney isn’t overly upset about that as it is only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens which earned $149.2 million in its second weekend in 2015.

It is very possible that this fast and huge pace at the box office is going to continue for Avengers: Infinity War for at least the next week or two. There won’t be a lot of big competition to take away some of its numbers until Deadpool 2 opens on May 18.

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Three new movies opened this weekend and all of them landed in the top 10, but none of them came close to beating out the Marvel juggernaut. Here are the top 10 movies for the weekend of May 4-6, 2018, per Box Office Mojo.

1.) Avengers: Infinity War – $112.47 million

2.) Overboard – $14.75 million

3.) A Quiet Place – $7.6 million

4.) I Feel Pretty – $4.9 million

5.) Rampage – $4.62 million

6.) Tully – $3.186 million

7.) Black Panther – $3.146 million

8.) Truth or Dare – $1.885 million

9.) Super Troopers 2 – $1.815 million

10.) Bad Samaritan – $1.758 million

Final numbers will be released on Monday.

The remake of Overboard starring Anna Faris actually did much better than most experts would have anticipated. Both Tully and Bad Samaritan had rather small opening weekends, but they still did well enough to make it into the top 10.

Everyone knew that Avengers: Infinity War was going to be huge at the box office and likely one of the biggest movies of all time, but they may not have expected this kind of pace. After hitting $1 billion worldwide in just 11 days and still having to open in China, Marvel has already come through with another blockbuster. It doesn’t hurt that the content and ending of the film is actually making people come back again and again to see it either.