Ray Lewis Gets Emotional, Really Emotional, During National Anthem [Video]

ray lewis

Did someone kill Ray Lewis’ dog before the start of the AFC Championship game? The soon-to-be retired linebacker broke down during the National Anthem today.

And Lewis has plenty of reasons to be emotional. He’s playing in one of the biggest games of his career and, if the Baltimore Ravens lose, it will be the last time he straps on the shoulder pads for an NFL game.

No one would be surprised to see the 240 lb future hall of famer shed a few tears while his country’s song played over the loud speakers, but the Ravens linebacker’s emotional performance today was something that no one expected. Lewis gritted his teeth, shut his eyes, sang along and relished in the crowd’s roar.

The linebackers emotional outburst has been called Oscar worthy by SB Nation. USA Today writes that the future hall of famers tears prove once and for all that Ray loves America more than Ben Franklin, George Washington and Miley Cyrus.

What do you think? Did Ray go a step or seven too far? Are you surprised by the Lewis’ pre-game emotion?

Lewis has been pretty emotional this week. His career is coming to a close and there’s a chance he’ll play his final game in the Super Bowl.

Here’s the video of Ray Lewis crying during the National Anthem.