WWE News: Huge Update On Daniel Bryan's Schedule And How Much He Will Be Wrestling

Danny Cox

It has only been two months since Daniel Bryan was cleared by WWE doctors to return to the ring as an active competitor again, but just how healthy is he? Fans have wondered just how much he would be on the road or in the ring after being medically forced to retire two years ago. While he does undergo a lot more check-ups and medical testing, it may actually surprise a lot of fans to know that his schedule will be a lot busier than anyone expected.

So far, Bryan has wrestled at WrestleMania 34, a few times on SmackDown Live, set a Royal Rumble record for time spent in the ring at The Greatest Royal Rumble, and he's scheduled to take on Big Cass at Backlash this Sunday. That's not even counting the number of beatdowns and extra fights he has had on WWE television, but he's far from finished or taking a break to heal up and rest.

Some have thought that he would work a part-time schedule like that of Brock Lesnar, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

According to Wrestling Inc., Daniel Bryan is apparently working a full-time schedule with WWE and that includes not only pay-per-views and weekly TV shows, but also house shows and live events.

Currently, Daniel Bryan is scheduled for all of the live events for SmackDown Live and that includes their upcoming tour of the United Kingdom next week. He won't be wrestling on June 29 in Tokyo, or the July 1 event in Taipei, though.

Bryan had been out of the ring more than two years before being cleared by WWE's doctors in late March. With that being said, it almost seems as if he is trying to make up for lost time and wants to get in all of the matches that he possibly can.

It will be interesting to see just where Bryan is going to land on the totem pole of the SmackDown Live roster. He was already involved in a decent-sized match at WrestleMania and is now moving into a feud with Big Cass, who has missed a lot of time due to injury.

Daniel Bryan's return to the ring was one of the biggest surprises of the entire year and it only happened in March. Sure, there were a lot of fans who thought he'd be back wrestling one day, but most thought it wouldn't ever be in a WWE ring again. Now, he's returned and he is not going to take it easy, as Bryan will be wrestling a full schedule until he just can't do it anymore.