WWE News: Daniel Bryan Finally And Officially Cleared To Return To The Ring And Wrestle For WWE [Breaking]

More than two years ago, Daniel Bryan sadly retired from in-ring action due to injuries that were simply too much for him to overcome. Many thought that he would never set foot in a ring again as an active competitor, but this is professional wrestling and “never” isn’t a word that means much. On Tuesday, WWE made the official announcement that enough doctors had given him medical clearance and Daniel Bryan can return to the ring.

Bryan is set to return to SmackDown Live tonight as the General Manager after being away for a few weeks, and that is big enough news on its own. On Tuesday afternoon, though, WWE dropped the bombshell on their official website and let the world know that “YES,” he has been cleared for in-ring action.

For months, Bryan has said that he had been cleared by numerous doctors, but he had never been cleared by those in WWE. Now, he has been cleared by “leading neurosurgeons, neurologists and concussion experts, including Dr. Robert Cantu, Dr. Javier Cárdenas and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher.”

Fans around the world are going to be thrilled to see him wrestle once again, but this can’t excite anyone more than Daniel Bryan, who has dreamed of this for two years.

Bryan underwent a full review of his medical history and his current physical and mental state. After a number of check-ups, tests, and more tests, he has been cleared by each and every doctor and Dr. Joseph Maroon who is WWE’s medical director.

Last week on SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon made a match of Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn for WrestleMania 34. It has been expected that he would end up joining the match to make it a triple threat and rumor had it that Bryan would end up as the special guest referee as reported by Wrestling Inc.

Knowing now that Bryan has been medically cleared, it is not out of the question for him to be put into the match as a competitor. He’s been keeping himself in in-ring shape and working out ever since retiring a couple of years ago as Bryan has always hoped he’d be cleared to return.

Now, it’s finally happened.

Oh, and it didn’t take long for word of Bryan’s return to spread through the WWE community. Many superstars reacted to the news with happiness and great anticipation.

Believe it or not, Daniel Bryan is no longer going to stand on the sideline or with a microphone in his hand as other WWE superstars compete in the ring. After two long years, he has been medically cleared and will return to the ring as an active competitor, but when? For now, fans don’t know that answer, but with WrestleMania 34 right around the corner, there may be a very good chance that his first match back will be in about three weeks.

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