Lance Armstrong Biography Is A Work Of Fiction, Says Australian Library

Lance Armstrong Oprah

An Australian library is moving all of its Lance Armstrong books into the fiction section now that the disgraced cyclists has admitted to lying about his use of PEDs throughout his career.

The Australian reports that the Manly Library in Sydney has moved all non-fiction Lance Armstrong titles into the fiction section.

A sign at the library reads:

“All non-fiction Lance Armstrong titles, including Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program and Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion, will soon be moved to the fiction section.”

The move comes shortly after Lance admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancement drugs during his career. Armstrong admitted that he used steroids but was criticized for not being apologetic about cheating.

Lance’s admission, along with his huge ego, has diminished the value of his brand. Sports Memorabilia Australia CEO Michael Fahey said that the demand for Lance Armstrong items has plummeted.

Fahey said:

“Those who buy memorabilia want to surround themselves with pieces that are symbols of success, and athletes that are admired. They’re not qualities that would be associated with Lance at the moment, so it will certainly affect the desirability and resale-ability of those pieces.”

Do you think Lance Armstrong destroyed his brand? Do the books about him deserve to be in the fiction section?

The Manly Library in Australia may be making a tongue-in-cheek joke about the credibility of Lance’s story but they aren’t the only ones who believe that Lance’s story is a work of fiction. Armstrong’s biography, It’s Not About The Bike, has seen more than a few negative reviews on Amazon since his interview with Oprah.

One user writes:

“It is now clear that most everything Armstrong says is a lie. Most of this book is based on lies and readers should consider a class action law suit against Armstrong, Jenkins and the publisher Berkley to get our money back for the book.”

Another adds:

“Read the book, what a fake, fiction at best and can only say, better books to be read, better time to be spent.”