David Eason Claims Jenelle Evans Pulled A Gun During Road Rage Incident After Man ‘Tried To Kidnap Her’

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

David Eason has come forward with new details regarding Jenelle Evans’ controversial road rage dispute at the end of last month.

As the Teen Mom 2 star and mother of three remains silent in regard to the ongoing headlines about her April encounter with a male driver, her husband has spoken out, making claims of a possible kidnapping plot on Facebook.

He “tried to kidnap her,” Eason wrote in the comments section of a Facebook post, according to a report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on May 3.

Oddly, however, Evans didn’t say a thing about a possible kidnapping when she called 911 after the incident took place. So, when it comes to her husband’s new claim, it’s hard to say if there is any truth to the suggestion at all.

Radar Online first shared news of Evans’ road rage ordeal at the end of last month. At the time, they also shared the Teen Mom 2 star’s 911 call and while talking to the operator, she said nothing about fears of a potential kidnapping threat. Instead, she claimed the other driver was tailgating her.

According to the other driver, it was Evans who took things to the next level by hitting his truck, running over his mailbox, and pulling a gun out on him.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason filmed together briefly for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 but because Eason was fired in the middle of production, he will not be seen throughout the entire episode. In addition, Evans and Eason’s youngest child, daughter Ensley Jolie, will not be featured following her father’s exit.

In February of this year, after coming under fire for flaunting gun photos just hours after the tragic school shooting in Florida, Eason went on a rant to his followers and fans on Twitters, during which he made shocking statements about the LGBT community. As some might have seen, Eason took aim at a member of the community for having no morals and said he didn’t want his own kids to associate with them.

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