Hundreds Of Animals Seized From Dayton, Ohio Man’s Home

Animals Removed In Ohio

Authorities seized nearly 300 animals from the home of an Ohio man during a raid on Thursday. The animals were removed by the Humane Society of Dayton following complaints it received from neighbors of the man, who has not been publicly identified.

Callers reported a strong smell coming from a house in the Huber Heights suburb of Dayton, Ohio. The severity of the odor coming from the man’s home forced workers to use masks at the time of the animals’ removal.

Fox Charlotte reports that animals taken from the home on Thursday include 60 chickens, roosters, and pigeons. The effort continued on Friday with the removal of over 200 more creatures, including 100 additional pigeons and 30 rabbits.

According to officials, the excessive number of pigeons kept by the man posed a severe health hazard. Pigeons can often be carriers of airborne diseases.

An article by Reuters reports that the workers made the removal of animals suffering with illness their first priority. Sheila Marquis, an officer with the Dayton Humane Society, expects most of the seized animals to survive, even the sick ones.

Authorities have not announced any plans to charge the home owner for his involvement and say that he has been very cooperative throughout the seizure process. It is believed the man intended no harm and became overwhelmed after giving the animals a home.

At this time the man is being permitted to keep two dogs and a few cats that live at the property. Huber Heights does not currently have a law limiting the number of pets a resident can house at one time.

Do you think the Ohio man should be held responsible for the seizure of hundreds of animals from his home?