Kamala Harris Attacks Trump: 2020 Presidential Hopeful Says Border Wall Is A Waste Of Money

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Kamala Harris is taking direct aim at one of Donald Trump’s signature proposals in what could be a preview of the 2020 presidential race.

The California Senator, who many believe could be a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in two years, took to Twitter this weekend to hit back against Trump’s threats to shut down the federal government over funding for his border wall. Harris said the wall is a waste of money and that the United States should instead be focused on making investments in infrastructure, Medicare for all, tuition-free college, and paid family leave.

In the tweet, Harris laid out what many believe could be a winning platform for Democrats in the upcoming election. There is growing support on the left for universal healthcare, and it is being messaged as “Medicare for all” in a bid to avoid some of the negative connotations that have come with the concept. Infrastructure investments and tuition-free college — one of the hallmarks of Bernie Sanders’ campaign — would also likely make up the Democratic platform in 2020.

As Politico noted, Kamala Harris is quietly building the political infrastructure needed to make a run in two years. She has already pledged not to accept any money from corporate Super PACs and instead is emulating the fundraising method used to perfection by Bernie Sanders, one that aims to build a big following of supporters who can make small online donations.

As CNN noted, Harris had been ramping up the rhetoric against Super PACs, which have the ability to pour massive amounts of money into campaigns.

“We’re all supposed to have an equal vote, but money has now really tipped the balance between an individual having equal power in an election to a corporation. So I’ve actually made a decision since I had that conversation that I’m not going to accept corporate PAC checks. I just, I’m not,” Harris said at a town hall last year.

Harris has also staked herself on another popular issue — decriminalizing marijuana.

Those steps are expected to help Harris reach the critical base of younger voters, a group that has been difficult for the party to engage.

“People see a potential in terms of digital fundraising, so I’m not surprised to see some of our younger, more ambitious members moving on that front — especially members who, part of their base or appeal is to younger voters,” Jaime Harrison, associate chair of the Democratic National Committee and a former South Carolina state party chair, told Politico.

She has not shied away from political conflict, either. The tweet Harris sent this weekend targeting Donald Trump’s border wall may also show a willingness to attack Trump head-on.

If Kamala Harris does decide to run in the 2020 presidential election, she is expected to have quite a bit of competition. The Democratic Party has a number of prospective candidates, including fellow Senators Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.