Newborn Boy Dies After Fake Doctors Allegedly Cut Off His Genitals To Make Parents Think They Had A Girl


A newborn boy was killed after a pair of fake doctors working at an illegal clinic allegedly cut off his genitals in an attempt to make the parents think they had given birth to a girl.

The incident happened in the Indian state of Jharkand, where the parents had reportedly been working with doctors who ran an illegal clinic. As AsiaOne reported, the fake doctors tricked the 8-months pregnant woman into thinking that she needed an ultrasound. After the woman paid for a deposit, the fake doctors said that they needed to perform an urgent Caesarian section.

When the baby was born, doctors realized that the woman had a boy, not the girl that they had told her they saw on the ultrasound — a procedure that they had actually faked. In an effort to fool the parents into thinking they had a girl, the doctors cut off the boy’s genitals, causing him to bleed to death.

After the infant’s death, the doctors fled and are now the subject of a manhunt from local police.

As AsiaOne noted, prenatal sex tests have been banned in India because many parents choose to abort baby girls. Illegal clinics are also common in India, the report noted, especially in rural areas where there is very limited access to proper health care.

This is not the first disturbing case of a dead newborn from India in recent months. Late last year, video emerged of a stray dog carrying the body of a dead baby outside a hospital in India’s Madhya Pradesh state, the Sun reported.


Police said they responded to reports from witnesses who saw the dog carrying the dead body, and they were able to track down the animal. They said the infant’s body was in “disturbing condition,” thought it was not clear if the baby had died before the dog found it.

Just weeks before the incident, another stray dog was found with the body of a dead baby outside a hospital in India’s Madhya Pradesh, the Sun reported.

The doctors who allegedly cut off the newborn boy’s genitals have been charged with murder and fraud. Police are searching for the pair.