Bill Cosby Divorce Rumors Loom As He Awaits Possible Prison Sentence

Although they have been married for the past 54 years, rumors of Bill and Camille Cosby getting divorced have been swirling, even before he was convicted for three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday. Yet the two remain together, even as the veteran entertainer faces a possible prison sentence, which a report from CNN suggested might last as long as 30 years, or 10 years per count.

As the allegations that Cosby had sexually assaulted multiple women during his long career as an actor and comedian began to pile up, his wife, Camille, was documented as having staunchly defended him, with the Washington Post writing in 2014 that she issued a statement calling the accusations “untrue” and referring to Bill as a “kind and generous” man. But the most recently published Bill Cosby divorce rumors have hinted at a different reason why Camille allegedly wants out of a marriage that has lasted more than five decades and produced five children.

In March, a report from Radar Online cited anonymous insiders supposedly familiar with the situation, writing that the death of Bill and Camille Cosby’s daughter from renal failure could be the “final nail in the coffin” of the couple’s marriage. Like Camille, Ensa supported her father despite the multiple allegations against him, though the Radar Online report suggested that the stress of dealing with these allegations against her father contributed to Ensa passing away at the young age of 44.

“[Camille] knew Bill was the real source of all of Ensa’s problems,” one of Radar Online’s sources alleged.

“Ensa’s death was the final straw. Camille’s taking what’s left of Bill’s dwindling $400 million fortune and heading out the door!”

That particular rumor suggesting that Bill and Camille Cosby might be getting divorced over the death of their daughter was not corroborated elsewhere, and since then, Camille has continued to defend and support her husband, as noted by People. The publication pointed out how Camille hugged Bill, then sat behind him as defense attorneys delivered their closing arguments on Thursday. So far, Camille has not yet issued a statement about her husband’s conviction.

In the days since Bill Cosby was convicted, several social media users have speculated on the possibility of divorce, but basing on reports from CNN and other publications, the main topic of conversation at the moment appears to be whether Cosby will spend the rest of his life in prison or not. According to CNN, the comedian’s defense team is planning to appeal the guilty verdict, with attorney Tom Mesereau likely to ask the court to allow home confinement for his client for the duration of the appeal. No sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Cosby as of this writing.