NBA Rumors: Chances Of LeBron James, Paul George Jumping To Lakers This Offseason Increasing, ‘Big Lead’ Notes

Jason MillerGetty Images

The NBA rumors about next season are kicking into high gear before the playoffs even end, with reports that it is growing increasingly likely that LeBron James and Paul George will head to the Los Angeles Lakers to form a new Western Conference powerhouse.

The rumors connecting LeBron to the Lakers have been floating around for more than a year, with some insiders sharing that LeBron had a desire to end his tenure in Cleveland and live in Los Angeles, where he already has an offseason home. As The Big Lead noted, the chances of LeBron moving to the Lakers appear to be growing more and more likely as the postseason progresses.

The report noted that everything seems to be falling into place for the Los Angeles Lakers, after the team already prepared for years to have the cap space ready this summer to make a run at LeBron and Paul George. Cleveland’s postseason struggles exposed the weaknesses of the Cavaliers team as a whole, with the team often looking to LeBron to carry them on his shoulders. The early exit for the Oklahoma City Thunder also opened the door for Paul George to bolt as well.

There is one other factor in LeBron’s potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers — the resurgence of the Philadelphia 76ers. As the report noted, Philadelphia has a young and very talented team and is peaking about two years ahead of their expected rise. With the Sixers looking to be a potential powerhouse, this may be the best time for LeBron to bolt for the Western Conference and challenge the Golden State Warriors.


There are others backing up the NBA rumors connecting both Paul George and LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers. After the Thunder were eliminated this week by the Utah Jazz, Paul George said he would like to be back in Oklahoma City but would not commit to anything. As the Express noted, George’s remarks fueled the already growing speculation that he will move back to his native California to play for the Lakers.

There are still more than two months until free agency begins, so the NBA rumors connecting LeBron James and Paul George to the Lakers will have plenty of time to stew.