‘That 70’s Show’ Revival Could Happen, Says Mila Kunis

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That 70’s Show is approaching its 20th anniversary, and with the big milestone just around the corner fans can’t help but wonder if the hilarious series would ever come back for a revival.

According to an April 26 report by Entertainment Tonight, actress Mila Kunis says she wouldn’t be able to say no if the original cast got on board with a That 70’s Show revival. Kunis, who played the role of Jackie Burkhart on the series, which ran from 1998-2006, recently opened up about the possibility of bringing the beloved show back for more.

When asked if there is a chance of a That 70’s Show revival, Mila Kunis replied, “maybe,” adding that she couldn’t say no because the entire cast is “still very good friends.” However, Kunis, who is married to her former co-star, Ashton Kutcher, says that everyone is in “such different places” in their lives that it may be too hard to even contemplate bringing the series back. Mila also revealed that it would be strange to reprise the character of Jackie now that she’s married to Ashton, who played her on again, off again boyfriend, Michael Kelso, on the show.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher met on the set of That 70’s Show but didn’t start their romantic relationship until six years after the show ended. The pair got married in 2015 and are now the parents of two children, daughter Wyatt, three, and son Dimitri, one.


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That 70’s Show also starred Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, Kurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp, Tommy Chong, and Don Stark. While the series was beloved by viewers and has gained a whole new generation of fans due to its availability on streaming sites such as Netflix, Mila Kunis says she’s not sure if there would be much of a demand for the show to return.

As many fans know, the revival craze has hit Hollywood hard. Shows such as Fuller House, Will & Grace, and Roseanne have done well returning to the air after decades away, and more shows such as Mad About You and Murphy Brown are also returning. However, Kunis isn’t sure how That 70’s Show revival would work.

“We’re not as interesting as Roseanne. Nobody wants to see us back together,” Mila Kunis said, adding that a That 70’s Show revival would likely have to be set in the 1990’s.