'PUBG' Xbox One Extending Miramar Test Through The Weekend

The Miramar map test for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds did not exactly go as planned this week as the test servers went down for an extended period of time. What was originally scheduled to only be an approximately three-day test has now been extended through the weekend due to high demand from players.

Xbox One PUBG owners can now play on the Miramar test servers through Sunday, April 29 at 11 p.m. PT (or 2 a.m. Monday morning), per a PUBG Corp announcement.

"The astounding number of all of our dedicated players participating on the test server is both humbling and overwhelming!" the developer exclaimed through its PUBG Help Twitter account.

"We would like to continue testing so we're keeping the test server open from now until the end of the weekend."
As previously covered, PUBG owners interested in trying the map out will need to search for "PUBG Test Server" in the Xbox Store.

Xbox Owners began experiencing issues with the Miramar test servers issues nearly immediately after they went live Wednesday in PUBG. The studio took the servers offline that evening and did not bring them back online until around eight hours later.

Issues with a test server are to be expected and it is why PUBG is running the test prior to releasing Miramar map to the Xbox One in May. Still, the high level of interest in the chance to play a new map and run into these kinds of issues was disappointing for many in the community and this appears it may be the only round of testing. If that is the case, PUBG Corp is wise to continue testing through the weekend to ensure the worst of the issue are caught before the map is officially launched on the console.

Feedback on the Miramar map in a Reddit thread started by PUBG Corp is mixed thus far with some players still reporting issues connecting to matches. Additionally, some report the game runs much smoother than before while others have not noticed a difference. The time it takes for building to load still appears to be an issue, however, as some are still reporting seeing the "Play-doh" buildings.

Those who stuck on the loading screen for a PUBG match on the test servers will need to quit PUBG from the Xbox Guide menu. If restarting the game does not solve the problem, consider performing a hard reset on the Xbox One itself.