LeBron James Passes Michael Jordan In One Intriguing Statistic, ‘ESPN’ Reports

The debate about LeBron James and Michael Jordan will never end, but James is certainly making things more interesting as the years go by. He has convinced some that he is the best player to ever play the game, but others still believe that Jordan will forever be the greatest of all time.

James and Jordan are hard to compare since they play different positions. That being said, James is having one of the best postseasons that he has ever had, despite the fact that his team hasn’t played terribly well around him. The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to pull off a huge win last night against the Indiana Pacers with James hitting a buzzer-beating three-point shot to win.

Cleveland is now up 3-2 in the series and will have a chance to close it out on Friday night in Indianapolis.

LeBron has been absolutely unstoppable despite the tough defense that Indiana has thrown at him. He has averaged 34.8 points per game to go along with 11.4 rebounds and 8.0 assists. James has shot 55 percent from the floor overall and has knocked down 82.5 percent of his foul shots.

All of that being said, James also made things more interesting in the pursuit of Jordan last night. He officially passed Jordan in postseason buzzer-beating game winners while also passing him in shooting percentage of shots in the final five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime, according to ESPN.

Obviously, this is a stat that may not mean a whole lot. It is an in-depth stat that is purely by chance, but it does mean that James has hit one more clutch shot in the playoffs that won a game for his team.

No matter where you land on the LeBron vs. MJ debate, simply watching greatness happen is special. James is an amazing talent that only comes around once in a generation. He took over the NBA as a rookie and refuses to disappoint his fans, even at 33 years of age.

As rumors continue to swirl about his upcoming free agency, it is pretty obvious that James is focused solely on the playoffs and is furthering his legacy in the process.

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