WATCH: Serena Williams & Jimmy Fallon Go Head-To-Head In Axe-Throwing Contest On 'The Tonight Show'

Everyone knows Serena Williams is one of the greatest of all time on the tennis court, but it turns out those sporting skills didn't exactly transfer to axe throwing. As reported by Aplusk, Williams and Jimmy Fallon got into an axe-throwing contest on the April 25 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Things got pretty dangerous, as the twosome flung axes at a wooden board with the shape of a man painted on it.

Serena didn't really do too well with the game, with her first two throws failing to stick in the board, to which Fallon joked that the tennis superstar had just "b***h slapped [the outline] with an axe" as the weapon ricocheted off the board.

Williams did eventually manage to get one to stick on her third attempt, striking the outline of the man in the torso and scoring herself an impressive five points, as she showed off her pretty immense strength.

Fallon fared a little better than the professional athlete. He even managed to score 10 points when he threw an axe that stuck directly into the board, striking the fake man right in the head.

The impressive throw inspired a pretty unique victory dance from Fallon, who threw his jacket on the floor and danced around the studio in triumph.

"I love that victory dance," Serena then jokingly told the late-night host, before losing the game five to 10.

Williams' appearance on the popular NBC late-night show came as part of the tennis superstar's media rounds to promote her new HBO docuseries, Being Serena, which gives fans a glimpse at her life behind closed doors.

Speaking about the new series on Good Morning America this week, Serena explained that much of the inspiration for the show came from her desire to film big moments in her life to one day show to her young daughter, 7-month-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

"When I was younger my dad... always shot video of myself and our whole family," Williams explained. "I wanted to do the same thing for Olympia. And I wanted to start with, you know, her in my belly."

She then added that she "wanted to just kind of shoot some stuff" so that when she can look back and show the personal footage to her daughter when she's a little older.

Serena Williams & Jimmy Fallon Go Head-To-Head In Axe-Throwing Contest On 'The Tonight Show'
Getty Images | Clive Brunskill

Serena also explained that fans will able to see a whole new side of her through the personal footage featured in Being Serena, one they may not have seen before.

"When I'm on the court, that's not necessarily me. That's just my tennis two hours of the day," Williams explained to GMA host Robin Roberts. "There's the mom, I can say now. There's the wife, I can say now. It's just me."

She added that the footage is "just Serena. I'm just being myself."