‘The Middle’ Spoilers: Series Finale Will Bring Big Life Changes For The Heck Family

Mitch HaasethABC

The Middle is gearing up to bid farewell to fans, and viewers will be forced to say a final goodbye to the lovable and quirky Heck family. New details about the series finale, as well as the episodes leading up to the big ending, have been revealed.

According to TVLine, fans of ABC’s The Middle will be in store for some big laughs and very emotional moments as the series draws to a close. As the show ticks closer to the series finale, viewers will see Brick and his girlfriend Cindy attend their prom. It’s a huge moment for the youngest Heck family member, but it’s equally big for his parents, Mike and Frankie. The couple will have a discussion about dealing with Brick during this stage of his life, and how much they need to still worry about his actions going forward.

Meanwhile, the show will air its final Mother’s Day episode, and Frankie will unfortunately be disappointed yet again. The running joke on the series is that Frankie, a hard-working mother of three children, never seems to catch a break on the holiday, and always ends up disappointed by the events of the day.

As the finale three episodes of The Middle push closer, fans will see some very big “potential life changes” for the Hecks’ oldest child, Axl, as well as some marital issues between Mike and Frankie. The show’s co-creator, Eileen Heisler, reveals that there will be an arc about the couple’s marriage and how it “relates to their children.” It seems the Hecks may have a hard time figuring out what their marriage will be like without the responsibility of taking care of their children, who are all nearly grown.


Meanwhile, The Middle series finale will be an hour-long goodbye to the Heck family. Spoilers reveal that fans will see the family back in the car, and that there will be some callbacks to the 2009 pilot episode. Fans will also get what they’ve asked for. The show will close with viewers getting “a sense” of where the Heck children, Axl, Sue, and Brick, all end up in their lives.

The Middle currently airs on Tuesday nights at 8:30 on ABC.