Kanye West Tweets Photo Of Signed MAGA Hat, Gets Prompt Response From Trump

Raychelle Muhammad

Kanye West and Donald J. Trump have continued their long-standing bromance with a social media interaction that has set Twitter ablaze. On Wednesday, Kanye tweeted his love for Trump although he admittedly doesn't necessarily agree with everything that he does. And Trump wasted no time replying to the post to show his gratitude.

Kanye said that "the mob" can't make him not love Trump because they are both "dragon energy." The rapper continued his lovefest calling Trump his brother and affirming that he has no hate in his heart for anybody. Kanye supports independent thinkers.

In a previous post, Kanye tweeted that his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, called him with a bit of advice. She asked him to "make it clear" that he doesn't "agree with everything Trump does." Kanye said that he doesn't "agree 100% with anyone but myself."

But in true fashion, Trump took the compliment and ran with it. His response to Kanye's tweet was sweet and to the point. Trump wrote, "Thank you Kanye, very cool."

Negative reactions to Kanye's support of Trump has caused a massive drop in the number of Twitter followers that he has. User @britsanity posted side-by-side screenshots of a photo of Kanye wearing his MAGA hat as proof. In the photo on the left, there are 27.8 million followers. But in the photo on the right, the number had fallen drastically to 18.6 million.

As of this writing, there are roughly 18.8 million people still following Kanye on Twitter. However, there is much speculation that those numbers could rise after other Trump supporters become aware of the posts from Kanye and Trump. Kanye may have crossed over.

Even director Jordan Peele is convinced that Kanye is in the "sunken place." Referencing his horror movie Get Out where the main character is a black man dating a white woman, Peele questions the rapper's state of mind. The award-winning director tweeted earlier in the day that he is inspired by Kanye to start writing the sequel to his blockbuster hit movie.

Commenters are concerned that Kanye West is suffering from mental health issues which prompted Kim to tweet about mental health and how serious an issue it is. The tweet likely came in response to Twitter users creating memes about her husband.