Russian Firefighter On Ladder Nearly Killed By Falling Snow [Video]

For a Russian firefighter, it wasn’t just another day at the office in Siberia.

The Russian firefighter was hit by a huge chunk of snow as he tried to rescue residents of the fourth floor in a burning apartment building. The whole sequence in which he tumbled half way down the ladder, and which took place in the city of Magadan, Russia, was captured on video.

Despite being struck on the head by the mound of snow, the Russian firefighter held on and then continued up the ladder to further assist in the rescue attempt.

As MSN explains, “as if battling a blazing apartment inferno was not enough, a Russian firefighter has had to deal with a huge chunk of snow falling on top of him as he climbed a ladder.” As the Daily Mail points out, “the snow proved more treacherous than the fire.”

MSN adds that “amazingly, the firefighter’s quick reflexes kick in after his full body check, and he gets a grip on the ladder, preventing a full-fledged fall to the ground.”

The brave Russian firefighter was attempting to save a mother and baby from the blaze. Another firefighter fortunately managed to rescue the family from the building. Russian government officials announced that there were no injuries in the rescue which took place on Thursday.

Watch the incredible video of the Russian firefighter being hit by a mini avalanche of snow while he ascends the ladder in the apartment rescue attempt: