Strippers Get Into On-Stage Fight Over A Single Dollar Bill

Juneau, WI – A pair of strippers were fined after reportedly getting into an on-stage fight over a single dollar bill.

A Dodge County Sheriff’s Department report explained that two dancers at Silk Exotic came to blows after they both attempted to grab a dollar bill being offered up by a patron. According to the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, police cited both strippers for disorderly conduct.

The fight allegedly broke out after one of the strippers was handed a dollar by one of her admirers. Believing she had done all of the work and rightfully deserved the tip, another dancer moved in and snatched up the offered currency. An altercation between the two employees quickly ensued.

The Dreamin’ Demon reports that both women were soon punching, slapping, and pulling each other’s hair. The fight between the 19-year-old and the 23-year-old was eventually broken up by customers and other dancers at the Silk Exotic. Police arrived shortly after the incident had concluded.

The strippers involved in the fight over the dollar bill didn’t require medical attention for their injuries. However, authorities did note that one of the dancers was pregnant.

For their role in the brawl, both women were fined $250, which is hefty price to pay for a dollar. Sheriff Todd Nehls said this sort of thing doesn’t happen too often in Juneau.

He explained:

“I was surprised by this as we seldom receive calls for service from this business. This is a rare exception.”

Fights between exotic dancers seem to take place on a semi-regular basis. According to KVET, a 17-person brawl at an Austin, Texas strip club ultimately cost one patron his eye. Reports indicate that the customer was hit in the face with a high-heeled shoe during the fray.

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