‘Days Of Our Lives’ Episode Recap: Claire’s Deceit, Could Brady Get Poisoned Instead Of Lucas? [Spoilers]

It is Wednesday, which means that we are halfway through the weekly Days of Our Lives drama. The storyline takes a break from the Abby and Stefan catastrophe that we have been seeing a lot of lately.

Today’s Days episode takes us back to the “New Face Of Bella” contest and everyone involved. Wyatt, after having dinner with Ciara, has left his phone in the bathroom of the cafe. Tripp finds the phone and, as he is handing it back to Ciara, a text from Claire comes through.

Tripp and Ciara now know that Claire has something to do with Wyatt’s return to Ciara’s life and they are determined to find out what she is up to. After figuring out the password to Wyatt’s phone, Tripp and Ciara begin texting Claire.

Ciara and Tripp work together to trick Claire into admitting that she and Wyatt rigged the “New Face of Bella” contest. Ciara is irate. She wants to embarrass Claire in the same way that her mother, Hope, was embarrassed on the day of her wedding.

Ciara now has the proof that she needs to put Claire in her place, but Claire will potentially be prepared for the onslaught. Wyatt has shown up at the flat, admitting that he has lost his phone.

In today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Tripp attempts to talk Ciara out of turning Claire in. He tells Ciara that keeping this revelation a secret means that Claire would have to live every day knowing that she has gotten something that she didn’t deserve. At this point, Days viewers heard Ciara ask, “and what do I have?” Tripp answered her with a heartfelt “me.”

Across Salem, Chloe and Lucas are on a date at the club. Brady and Eve are at the club as well, attempting to regain the trust that they once had between them. As the two couples enjoy their time together, Miguel enters the scene. He is intent on doing whatever it takes to get Chloe to Mexico to produce an Opera for Miguel’s boss. Days of Our Lives viewers watched in anticipation as Miguel heads to the counter to order a drink to be sent to Chloe and Lucas.

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When Julie’s back is turned, Miguel slips a drug of some sort, potentially poison, into Lucas’s club soda. The glasses get delivered to the couple and Chloe orders a second round to share with Brady and Eve. According to Soap Opera Spy, the glasses may get mixed up and Brady could be in danger later this week on Days of Our Lives.

On the other side of town, at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Victor discuss Brady’s ex, Theresa. Maggie is rightfully upset with Theresa for leaving everyone that she claimed to care about, including her son Tate. Days viewers remember how heartbroken Brady was when Theresa left. Victor spoke in defense of Theresa and it didn’t go unnoticed.

When Victor makes a phone call to Theresa’s father, it was revealed that Theresa gave up everything in order to protect Brady and her son from the mobster Mateo. Maggie walks in and overhears the tail end of Victor’s conversation.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Theresa (Jen Lilley) is, in fact, coming back to Salem. Her return to Days will put a strain on Brady’s growing relationship with Eve, especially since she has a noble reason for leaving.