Kin Shriner Back On ‘General Hospital,’ Previously Revealed Exit As Scott Baldwin Not Permanent After All

Kin Shriner's supposed exit from 'General Hospital' and the role of Scotty Baldwin turned out to be much ado about nothing, it seems.

'General Hospital' actor Kin Shriner is returning as Scotty Baldwin
Matt Sayles / Invision / AP Images

Kin Shriner's supposed exit from 'General Hospital' and the role of Scotty Baldwin turned out to be much ado about nothing, it seems.

Just a few weeks ago, General Hospital fans were left stunned and disappointed when actor Kin Shriner shared via social media that he was done playing the role of Scott Baldwin, for good this time. Shriner has been playing Baldwin on and off for decades, but his posts left everybody believing that he had just aired his final scenes. While it’s not clear what happened between those posts and now, word is out that Kin is back in the saddle again as Scotty, and it sounds as if fun things are on the horizon.

In now-deleted posts, Kin Shriner had tweeted that he was out as Scott Baldwin and he noted that he’d had a good run on General Hospital. Shriner first appeared in the role of Baldwin in 1977 and while he has been away from GH many times along the way, nobody else has played Scotty in his absence and there was never a sense that he’d never be back until these recent tweets.

Though it doesn’t appear that there’s any official explanation for the shift, Kin’s farewell tweets have been deleted and General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini revealed via Twitter that Shriner’s character is already back in Port Charles. Viewers saw Baldwin connect with Ava during Tuesday’s episode and he’s interacting with Sonny and Dante this week as well.

Shriner has also been on Twitter bantering with Lynn Herring, who plays Lucy, about the upcoming Nurses Ball. Luckily, despite the earlier panic over Kin leaving General Hospital for good, it looks like he’s very much still a part of the cast and that there is plenty more Scotty Baldwin on the way. Herring is, of course, going to be back as Lucy for the annual event and she’s teasing that there is great stuff planned for this one.

Scott is already shaking things up with Ava, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the next custody battle over Avery will be an intense one. Will the romantic sparks begin to fly between these two again while they’re conspiring to keep Avery away from Sonny and Carly? Ava’s romance with Griffin has been a somewhat controversial one, and many GH viewers think Maura West’s Ava and Matt Cohen’s Griffin may be better suited for others on the canvas.

Viewers may not get to learn the scoop about why it seemed that Kin Shriner was gone for good on General Hospital, but his reappearance has Scott Baldwin fans thrilled and anxious for spoilers about what’s coming next. The actor has made it clear that he loves the show and his role, so here’s hoping the writers can keep the character around for many years to come.