Kristoff St. John Thanks ‘Young And Restless’ Fans For Support, ‘Y&R’ Ratings Get Boost With Neil’s Return

'The Young and the Restless' is on fire with its current storylines, and Kristoff St. John's return as Neil Winters is a big hit with viewers.

'The Young and the Restless' has welcomed back Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters
Rich Fury / Invision / AP

'The Young and the Restless' is on fire with its current storylines, and Kristoff St. John's return as Neil Winters is a big hit with viewers.

After being away for several months, Kristoff St. John is back on The Young and the Restless as Neil Winters and his first scene was a winner. Y&R fans are thrilled to have St. John back, and it looks like his return even gave a boost to the show’s ratings. Kristoff recently took a moment on social media to thank fans for their support, and people are anxious for spoilers regarding what comes next.

As Entertainment Weekly details, Young and Restless ratings were up for the week of April 20, the week that Kristoff St. John reprised his role onscreen as Neil Winters. In fact, these were the highest the ratings have been for Y&R since mid-January. Of course, the episodes this week also featured the juicy storyline involving JT’s death and the efforts by Victoria, Sharon, Nikki, and Phyllis to cover it up.

Not only were the Young and Restless ratings for the week of April 20 the highest the soap has had in three months, the ratings were up about 3 percent over the same timeframe last year. Can Y&R keep this momentum going with the May sweeps right around the corner? So far, Young and Restless spoilers haven’t revealed much of anything regarding where things head next for Neil. However, viewers are anxious to see some heavy action for this core Genoa City character.

For his part, St. John made sure to let his fans know how much he appreciated their support as he made his Young and Restless return. Kristoff took to Twitter after Neil popped back up in Genoa City, and he included a montage of photos that will get Winters fans smiling.

In the post, Kristoff thanked everybody for their support during his Young and Restless absence. He made it clear that he’s grateful that they’ve all welcomed him back with open arms, indicating that they’ve helped to fuel his strength and courage. He says he’s filled with gratitude toward his online fans and he feels lucky to have them.

St. John also individually thanked many Twitter followers for their ongoing support, sending thanks to one for “keeping the porch light on” for him. The Young and the Restless fans know that Kristoff has navigated some very difficult times in his personal life these past few years since his son Julian’s suicide in November 2014. The Y&R star has fought a tough battle to regain balance with his own mental health, and it looks like he’s in a great place now and ready for some meaty storylines involving Neil.

Stay tuned for Young and Restless spoilers regarding Kristoff St. John’s return as Neil Winters as they emerge. There’s plenty of drama involving Devon and Hilary playing out now and chances are good that there’s juicy stuff on the way, specifically for Neil as well.