'Kill la Kill' Video Game Teased By Trigger, But Still No Anime 'Kill la Kill' Season 2 For Ryuko Matoi

Kill la Kill Season 2 is still in demand by anime fans even years after the TV series finished airing in Japan. After all, the two-cour anime was critically acclaimed and gained a large fan base, so some fans desire a side story or a slice-of-life "after story" sequel for Kill la Kill centered around Ryuko Matoi. Therefore, it's no surprise that questions were asked about Kill la Kill Season 2 when anime studio Trigger creative director/producer Hiromi Wakabayashi participated in a 2018 Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). While the producer did answer limited questions about the Kill la Kill anime, and he even discussed the sexuality of Darling In The FranXX's Zero-Two, Hiromi surprised everyone by apparently suggesting that a Kill la Kill video game could still become a reality.

The hype for a Kill la Kill game started back in 2014 when Trigger staff was asked if they were interested in developing a Kill la Kill fighting game.

"Now that you mention it; that would be something we would like to possibly experiment with," Trigger's staff responded. "We will need a game developer that would be interested with [sic] taking on the project."

Platinum Games' Kenji Saito pretty much volunteered himself when he tweeted out that he wanted to make a video game based on either Kill la Kill or the Berserk anime. A year later, Polygon released a YouTube video where Saito described what this potential Kill la Kill game would be like.

"If Platinum Games was going to do a game in the world of Kill la Kill, we're great at tempo, combos, over-the-top action, interesting animations so it'd definitely be full of those," Saito said. "And then, of course, the swordplay would also be very important from a visual design perspective."

When asked how he envisioned "Ryuko and Senketsu's Blood System translating to a video game," Saito did not give a complete answer, but he believes that the Kill la Kill anime "feels like a game in a lot of ways, so I think that it's something your average gamer could really pick up and understand naturally. It'd be great if someday I was able to make something like that."

Saito ended the short interview by suggesting that fans convince studio Trigger and Platinum to produce the Kill la Kill game through social media. There is a Change.org petition that provides plenty of information on contacting Trigger staff, but so far it's only garnered a little over 2,000 signatures.

Fast forward to 2018 when Hiromi Wakabayashi was asked, "Will there be more video games based on Trigger anime to come after [Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time]? A lot of people have expressed interest in a KLK video game; specifically made by Platinum Games, and Platinum Games have expressed interest themselves on Twitter."

In response, Hiromi activated the hype thrusters by simply stating, "Can't say much for 'now.'" It's possible that the Trigger producer was simply referring to any video games based on Trigger IP coming out in the future (after all, a Darling In The FranXX game would make sense). But since the question directly asked about the Kill la Kill video game, it's also possible Hiromi is teasing fans about an unannounced project since he could have ignored the question entirely.

Kill la Kill Anime Ryuko Matoi
'Kill la Kill' Anime TV Still | Studio Trigger
Ryuko Matoi in the 'Kill la Kill' anime.

The Trigger producer also fielded questions about the Kill la Kill anime. He said it took about 1.5 years to produce the character design for Ryuko Matoi. He says the "design concept for Kill la Kill was based on 70's shonen manga so it was exceptionally difficult to refine them to modern taste," but he also says that "Kill la Kill's story/premise will probably make sense even if it took place in modern day Japan."

"However, by using a fictional setting, we're able to visually supplement the premise as well. In the opening scene of Kill la Kill, we see Ryuko looking up to the mountain, which is the Honnouji Academy. The viewers can then assume that Ryuko will be going through many hardships throughout the series. Even if it may sound absurd on paper, it's important to come up with ideas/concept that will visually compliment the premise."
Hiromi also shot down a fan theory that Gurren Lagann, Little Witch Academia, and Kill la Kill are all set in the same universe at different points in time. The idea was related to Akko's usage of spiral energy and as such Croix would be the founder of the Anti-spirals. Hiromi simply stated that these stories all exist in different universes, but with the notable exception of Trigger-chan and Inferno Cop, who have "the ability to cross between these walls and limitations."

Fans are probably just hoping there are no limitations to the KLK anime franchise and that both Kill la Kill Season 2 and a video game see the light of day. Stay tuned.