School Security Guard Accidentally Leaves Gun In Bathroom

Lapeer, MI – An armed security guard reportedly left his gun in the bathroom of an area charter school. The firearm was unloaded at the time.

Chatfield School Director Matt Young said that the weapon was only left in the bathroom for a short period of time. According to Michigan Live, local authorities have been contacted about the incident. It’s currently unknown if anything will happen to the guard as a result of the mistake.

Young explained:

“The school has put additional security procedures in place that follow local law enforcement practices and guidelines. At no time was any student involved in this breach of protocol. We will continue to work on improving school security.”

Young also stated that no children had been placed in harm’s way as a result. He also said that the security guard’s mistake was being handled as a “personnel matter.” The man, recently retired from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office, had just been hired by the charter school.

CBS Local reports the incident isn’t criminal since no one was hurt when the security guard left his gun in the school bathroom. However, Lapeer County Prosecutor Byron Konschuh said the incident was both unfortunate and scary.

The prosecutor said:

“There are charges such as reckless use of a weapon, possessing a weapon in an area where you’re not supposed to, having an unlicensed weapon and all kinds of weapons offenses, but I can’t think of one where this fits under any of those definitions.”

The unloaded weapon was secured by an adult before any children noticed the firearm. Konschuh said he was very thankful that someone other than a student discovered the weapon.

It’s currently unclear if the security guard was disciplined for his actions. School officials said they would make sure something like this wouldn’t happen again.

Do you think the security guard should be fired for leaving an unloaded gun in a school bathroom?