Kris And Bruce Jenner Latest Victims Of Celebrity ‘Swatting’

Calabasas, CA — A “swatting” incident was reported at the home of Kris and Bruce Jenner Friday.

The incident was initially called in as a shooting at the home of the Kardashian matriarch and her family.

“It came out as a very serious call of possibly someone shot inside the home out here in the Hidden Hills area,” CBS2’s Stu Mundel said. “The Malibu Sheriff’s’ [Office] took this very, very seriously as they do any call of that type of caliber and they came out here in force.”

Mundel said police did make contact with the Jenners and Kardashians, and that the house was cleared.

“This was obviously some sort of prank,” Mundel said.

The incident was the latest in a trend known as swatting, which is an attempt to trick emergency services into dispatching a response to a reported incident that ultimately ends up being false.

Thursday, Tom Cruise was a victim of swatting when someone called in a report of a robbery at his Beverly Hills home. Cruise was not home when the incident was reported, and the police department said they will be investigating the incident as a crime.

Similarly, Ashton Kutcher was swatted in October when a woman contacted police and claimed to be hiding inside a closet because there was an armed man inside the house. A SWAT team was dispatched to Kutcher’s Lake Hollywood home, but there was no woman or armed man to be found. Kutcher also wasn’t home at the time of the incident. The suspect in that case ended up being a 12-year-old hacker.

Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram about the incident, writing, “I love it when 8 police officers show up at my door and 10 cop cars are outside my house. just another casual Friday evening at the Jenner household. #nbd #EveryonesOk”

She also tweeted:

What do you think should happen to “swatting” suspects?